what is the matchbox show?

The Matchbox Show is a collection of miniature artworks housed in matchboxes.  Matchbox art is created by people who have a passion for ceramic art, from professionals to novices, providing access and portability to this ancient art form.   

Over the last three years, The Matchbox Show has grown from a small collection of 130 to over 800 works. Artwork has been created during workshops and held at exhibitions and events throughout Australia.  Today, matchbox art is arriving from around the world, and we aim to grow the collection to share this unique installation with as many people as we can. 

Some of Australia's - and the worlds - most talented ceramic artists have contributed alongside people who just enjoy creating something unique to add to the collection.

It's now an ever increasing show building cultural understanding through art, wherever it travels.  Who knows where it will go and who will enjoy it!


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