About The Matchbox Show

It all began in Gulgong, Australia, in 2010.

An invitation to enter the Matchbox Show collection was extended to delegates attending the 'Clay Energy' conference. They were invited to make a ceramic artwork that fit inside a matchbox. The response and enthusiasm was overwhelming, and yielded 150 matchboxes to begin the collection.

The aim of the show is to grow it into a substantial international traveling exhibition of 5000 matchbox artworks, contributed by 5000 visual and ceramic artists.

The quirky nature of this collection holds appeal on many levels, from the all-familiar repetition of a matchbox, to the narratives and expressions held within. It is an innovative collective project which showcases artists across genres, and intrigues, puzzles and amazes art lovers everywhere.

Through workshops held in the lead-up to most exhibitions, art students will develop their skills and understanding of ceramics and the processes involved while making a matchbox artwork to contribute to the collection. Such an opportunity presents unparalleled benefits in terms of exposure to art buyers and audiences, both nationally and internationally.

'Civa' (aka Michael Ciavarella) is the brains behind the show.  In 2010 Michael had the vision to start a unique and collaborative exhibition to help keep ceramic art alive and kicking!

As curator he relates the collection to the old adage ‘from little things, big things grow’, and what started as one solitary matchbox, will grow into a dramatic visual spectacle as ceramicists from around the world add their creations to the collection.

To express your interest in hosting the Matchbox Show exhibition or workshops, please contact us.

Michael (curator) and Zoe (manager) at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery show.

Michael (curator) and Zoe (manager) at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery show.

Civa (aka. Michael Ciavarella)

Saint Sebastian  sculpture/ installation, by Michael Ciavarella

Saint Sebastian sculpture/ installation, by Michael Ciavarella

Michael Ciavarella is a ceramic artist, art teacher, cultural ambassador and entrepreneur.  As curator and director of The Matchbox Show, he creates a platform for artists and ceramic enthusiasts alike to come together from all around the world.  This ever increasing, travelling exhibition allows Michael to develop ceramic art in a new and progressive way.

Miniature in size but elaborate in concept and execution, these artworks collectively make a powerful statement.

‘It’s our responsibility to keep ceramics alive.  My obligation is to help people expand and grow as a community through art, creating and sharing the sense of identity and belonging.’

Michael is an advocate for cultural understanding through art and communicates such meaning in his artwork.  His concepts incorporate national heritage and identity.  As an art teacher he broadens students minds technically and theoretically.  Creating a practical and professional environment for which emerging artists can elaborate on. 

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Zozo (aka. Zoe Martin)

Passionate about women in contemporary society and drawing inspiration from Romanticism, Surrealism and Modernism to express creative concepts in a progressive way, Zoe enjoys discussions that challenge views and perspectives about art and culture.  ‘I particularly enjoy conversations surrounding the perception of art.  My current body of work explores installation, viewer interaction and participation to better communicate my ideas.  It fascinates me what people consider art, and equally, what they consider isn’t art.’  Obliged to adapt and share new experiences into a sustainable way of living, Zoe has found a moral obligation to be an advocate for social and cultural change.


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